When writing an OA training, you must use a content plan that is aligned to Ohio Core Knowledge & Competencies (CKC’s) appropriate for the age group served. When submitting the training, you will have to submit according the Content Plan on the application. Please refer to PDF “Sample Content Plan” as an example and use the Word Document “Blank Content Plan” as a guideline.
*NOTE: you will NOT have to submit the actual content plan but you will have to enter in objectives and choose from a drop down of the CKC’s when submitting, it’s easier when you have the Content Plan already filled out. Please refer to the CKC’s listed below when filling out your content plan.

  • Ohio’s Core Knowledge & Competencies: For Afterschool Professionals who work with children ages 5-12.



  • Ohio’s Early Childhood Core Knowledge & Competencies: Birth- 5


**NOTE: Keep in mind what your personal CKC Level is based on your Instructor Application. You may only write/teach an OA training that is aligned to your CKC Level, for ALL Content Areas.
For example, if you are determined to be a CKC Level 1 Instructor, then you may ONLY write/teach an OA training whose objectives are aligned to CKC Level 1 Indicators.

Content Areas are as followed:
#1. Child Growth & Development
#2. Family, School, & Community Relations
#3. Health, Safety, & Nutrition
#4. Child Observation & Assessment
#5. Professional Development
#6. Learning Environment & Experiences

*The instructor will receive a CKC Level for EACH of the Content Areas once your Instructor Application is complete. When aligning an objective to a CKC for the purpose of getting a training Ohio Approved, you may NOT choose an indicator from a specific Content Area that is higher than your CKC Level. If you try to use a CKC indicator that is higher than your CKC Level to align to an objective, your training will NOT get approved.
For example, if your CKC Level in Content Areas #1-#5 is approved as CKC Level 2 then you may choose any indicator UP TO Level 2 (within the Content Area) to align your objective to. If your CKC Level for Content Area #6 is a CKC Level 1, then you may only pick an indicator (within that Content Area) up to a Level 1 to align your objective to. Please refer to PDF Content Plan Sample for additional reference.