Entrepreneurship education builds college and career readiness, strengthens 21st century skills, is fun, and is a meaningful way in which to involve local businesses and community leaders. Learning about entrepreneurship and flexing their entrepreneurial muscles helps students develop grit, growth mindset, curiosity, courage, and resourcefulness.

Being entrepreneurial isn’t just about starting companies. It is about having a vision and making it a reality. It is a way of thinking that can be learned and practiced. Always ask “what if” and “why” and seek new and creative ways of learning and doing. recognize your potential for learning and achieving anything and the power to stretch your brain and sharpen your mind!”Venture Lab


Check out NFTE’s report Entrepreneurial Mindset: On Ramp to Opportunity

Find out what girls think about entrepreneurship in the Girl Scout Resource Institute’s report Today’s Girls; Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs

Engage Your District’s Business Advisory Council

According to Ohio Revised Code, each district and education service center (ESC) is required to have a Business Advisory Council (BAC) (ODE guidance is available here).The OAN Pitch Challenge is a strategic way to engage your district’s BAC. Members can serve as pitch contest judges, student mentors, guest speakers, and host tours at their place of business. Talk with your district’s administration about how to best engage your Business Advisory Council!