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About the APLC

OAN is thrilled to announce a collaborative professional development opportunity for Afterschool and Summer Learning professionals in partnership with EnvisionEdPlus (EEP) and McWatters Consulting.

In direct response to OAN member feedback, this new collaboration creates a huge shift in how Afterschool and summer learning professionals experience professional learning.  At the request of the field, none of our PD will be ‘sit and get’.  Instead, EnvisionEdPlus is combining the best of face-to-face learning from experts in your field with EEP’s exclusive PDPlus digital learning system to personalize the PD for every learner.

Each series begins with a Face-to-Face workshop with a member of the McWatters’ Consulting team where you learn together with experts in the field.  Before leaving the workshop, you will learn how to use the PDPlus system and feel ready to collaborate online. Back in your programs, you will try out what you learned in workshops and then use PDPlus to share your learning, successes and challenges with experts in the field as well as with other professionals in your cohort.  Feedback from experts and your colleagues will help you learn and grow as a professional and most importantly, build your confidence to keep trying new strategies to make your programs even more successful.

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