n March, President Trump announced a plan to eliminate afterschool funding in his 2018 budget. This week, Congress invested more in afterschool in its 2017 spending proposal.

What’s going on here? Supporters like you flooded Congress with messages sharing how the cuts would hurt your communities, and your voices are being heard loud and clear.

But this fight is far from over. Now, Congress is turning to the 2018 budget—and President Trump’s devastating proposal. It’s time to double down: here are 3 simple actions you can take to keep the pressure on.

  • Invite a member of Congress to visit your program over Memorial Day. Site visits are hands-down the most effective way to show your representatives that afterschool works—and with our comprehensive tools, they’re easy to plan.
  • Join us for a webinar tomorrow to get your questions about the road ahead answered by our Vice President of Policy, Erik Peterson; learn about steps you can take to stop the cuts; and hear from a program director who’s cultivated strong relationships with her representatives.
  • Give your representatives a ring with our new call tool—you can look up lawmakers’ phone numbers and refer to a sample call script in one place.

We’ve got 5 months until the 2018 budget takes effect. Congress needs to keep hearing that afterschool works every step of the way during deliberations. With all the pressures on Congress to find money to support the president’s agenda, we cannot be complacent.

Are you with us?

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