OAN is asking members to email the appropriate legislators to show our support of the Children’s Hunger Alliance’s  TANF Earmark request of $1M. These dollars will assist with meal sponsorship, consultations and nutrition education, school district nutrition programs, afterschool nutrition programs, and summer nutrition programs.
Send your email directly to Chairman Ryan Smith (Rep93@ohiohouse.gov) and copy Rep06@ohiohouse.gov, Rep71@ohiohouse.gov, Rep34@ohiohouse.gov, Rep76@ohiohouse.gov.
Here is a sample email format:
Honorable Ryan Smith, Chair of the Ohio House Finance Committee,
I am (your name) from (organization / part of the state).  I am contacting you to share my support of HB 49 as a member of the Ohio Afterschool Network for the amendment below presented to the committee by the Ohio Children’s Hunger Alliance.
The Ohio Afterschool Network advocates, creates strategic alliances and supports the development of quality, comprehensive youth programs in this state. We have a membership of over 1500 individuals and organizations that serve thousands of K-12 youth during the Afterschool hours and during summer.
We support Rep. Sarah LaTourette and the Children’s Hunger Alliance.
Thank you,
(phone number)
** Please make sure the amendment is attached to your email. It is HB49 Children’s Hunger Alliance.

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