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Dear OAN supporters and members:

Ohio’s kids need your help to advocate for continued funding for Afterschool… and they need your help NOW!

The President’s budget has been released and contains 
$0 for 21st Century Community Learning Center Programs.

Yes, you read that right.


You might be wondering, does this advocacy alert apply to you?

  • Is your program funded by a 21st Century Community Learning Center grant? THEN, YES, IT APPLIES TO YOU!
  • Is your program funded by other means? YES, IT APPLIES TO YOU! This is the largest federal investment in afterschool. If this money goes away, every other source will become more competitive and spread more thinly.
  • Do you want kids to have access to high quality afterschool programming, even if their families cannot afford to pay? THEN, YES IT APPLIES TO YOU!

1. Click on THIS LINK
2. Choose whether you want to make a call or write a letter (hint: do both!). 
3. Use the templates provided by Afterschool Alliance to personalize your message. 
4. Deliver your message. If you are making a call, Afterschool Alliance will give you names and numbers for your reps. If you are writing a letter, Afterschool Alliance will hand deliver it on your behalf. Seriously, you won’t even need to Google your representatives or search for stamps. The Afterschool Alliance has made this super easy!
Thank you in advance for raising Ohio’s voice about this important issue!