Once the instructor has their Instructor Application and Training Organization Application completed, reviewed, and active, they should have “Training Organization Dashboard” added to their registry profile. How to check: log into registry profile, in upper right hand of profile there should be the instructor’s name with a drop down arrow. Prior, the instructor should’ve only had “Profile” and “Sign Out” as options. Now they should have “Profile”, “Training Organization Dashboard”, and “Sign Out”. If instructor does not have the “Training Organization Dashboard”, they will need to contact OCCRRA at 614-396-5959 or Toll Free at 877-547-6978 for assistance. Instructor cannot submit without the Dashboard added to their registry profile.

After the training is written and the Content Plan is aligned to CKC’s based on instructor’s CKC Level, the training is ready to be submitted for approval! Please use the following checklist to make sure everything is complete before starting the Submission Process.

  • Is there a Training Title?
  • What format do you wish to submit? More than likely it will be “face to face”
  • Is there a training description? One will need to be created, this is what participants will see when signing up for the training (even for a conference)
  • Is there references and research to submit? The instructor will have to reference any research used in the training. There must be researched documented in order to submit.
  • What are the training details? Instructor will need to know Evaluation Method, which domain of Early Learning Development Standards (ELDS) the training aligns to, NOTE: can be N/A if school age only, Groups Related to Content, Target Audience, and Core Body of Knowledge Categories, Child Development Associate Area,& In-service Information.
    *NOTE: the application will give you options to choose from
  • Is the Content Plan ready? Instructor will have to enter each individual objective for the training; each will require information on the CKC, timeline, the objective, the outline of the objective, the outline of content, & the teaching method.
    *NOTE: if Blank Content Plan is used while preparing training, this should be easy to do because each area will have already been addressed.
  • Are Training Materials ready? ALL training materials need to be submitted as a PDF, they will not be accepted in any other format. This includes handouts, workbooks, and PowerPoint presentations. If there are notes on the PowerPoint, they will have to be saved as a PDF where notes and slides can be read.

How to start Ohio Approval Application:
1. Log on to registry profile, click “Training Organization Dashboard” from drop down menu on profile.
2. On left, click “Manage Training”
3. On left, click “Create Event”
4. Click blue box labeled “New Training +”
5. Enter Training Title, Training Format of Ohio Approved, Related Conference, and Primary Author. Click Save and continue as prompted. If instructor has completed the above checklist, it should be easy to complete.

Please refer to Application for Ohio Approved Designation User Guide for additional information. https://cdn.occrra.org/documents/Ohio%20Approved%20Application%20User%20Guide.pdf