So You Want To Start An Afterschool Program…

When organizations or individuals decide to start an Afterschool program it is often in response
to a community need. Maybe you are a working parent who is having trouble finding a safe
place for your child to go after school. You may be employed by juvenile justice or social
services and have noticed an upward trend in the occurrence of youth crime and violence
between the hours of 3:00 and 6:00 p.m. Or perhaps you volunteer in a youth-serving field like
education, youth ministry or a community based organization and are realizing that there are
not enough opportunities for the youth in your community after school.

Whatever your reason for starting an Afterschool program, you should know that sometimes
the general public may be unfamiliar with the proven results of Afterschool programs and
might think of them only in the context of child care. However, research shows that high-quality
Afterschool programs do more – they are proven solutions to community issues like workforce
development, college readiness, truancy, food insecurity, youth crime and violence and
social-emotional competency development. Citing years of surveys, data collection and first
hand testimonials, research by organizations like NIOST, The Mott Foundation, The Wallace Foundation, the Afterschool Alliance and more illustrate the effectiveness of Afterschool

You should also know that the need for high-quality Afterschool programs far exceeds the
demand. In fact, here in Ohio for every one youth in an Afterschool program there are two
more who would attend one, if one were available. This statistic – along with all the research
of the many proven outcomes – is why OAN and our membership believe that new programs
are desperately needed in our state.


Check out the resource developed by OAN with help from the National AfterSchool Association: So You Want To Start An Afterschool Program

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