Shifting the Afterschool Professional Development Focus From Compliance to Best Practice

WORKSHOP PRESENTER: Craig Lautenschleger, Kathy McWatters, Nichelle Shaskus

ORGANIZATION: Afterschool Professionals Learning Community (APLC)

AUDIENCE: New Administrators (less than 2 years), Seasoned Administrators (more than 2 years), New Staff (less than 2 years), Seasoned Staff (more than 2 years)



SESSION 3 : 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM


WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: Are you approaching your professional development as a best practice or as an afterthought? Have you seen real change in your program and practices as a result of PD, or are the resources forgotten? Are you thinking and talking about professional development the way teachers and school districts are thinking and talking about it? This session will lay the foundation for what you need to know about the criteria identified for school districts for best practice in professional learning… criteria that the field of Afterschool and Summer Learning can model and learn from! You’ll learn why this shift is necessary to have meaningful conversations about PD with teachers and school administrators and how you can begin to up your personal PD game. You’ll also get resources to help and learn how our collaborative partnership plans to approach this change to professional development for Afterschool.


Nichelle Shaskus, Director of the Ohio Afterschool Network, has been a passionate leader in the field of school age child care, Afterschool and Summer Learning for over 25 years. In the past she has worked for numerous youth serving community-based organizations and held a variety of positions, from camp counselor to volunteer youth sports coach to Director of Youth and Family Programming. In her current role as the OAN Director, Nichelle connects people across the state of Ohio, shares her expertise on topics affecting the field and helps advise on national trends and best practices. Nichelle was a past White-Riley-Peterson Policy Fellow and NAA Emotional Intelligence Fellow and chairs several national leadership committees for the field. She holds an Education degree from the Ohio State University.