The main objective of stakeholder engagement is to generate a better understanding of stakeholder perspectives on key issues and build better relationships with key individuals.

1. Develop New Perspectives

Stakeholder engagement can provide new ways to think about issues that affect youth, families and communities. As more stakeholders are brought on board, they may have new and interesting perspectives, and also help the original stakeholders to understand other priorities or new points of view.

2. Expanding or Developing New Ideas Or Opportunities

Stakeholder engagement promotes ownership of issues, and allows our organization to manage how an issue evolves and is addressed in our state. Providers can show you how our ressouces are used within the Out-of-school time field.  Watching an issue evolve with the input of diverse stakeholders will allow OAN to address it and improve how we help the field for the future.

3. Build the Afterschool “Brand” Reputation

Engagement can build stakeholder trust in the organization, and enhance social licence to operate. As you engage more stakeholders, your brand equity will increase within an organization, leading eventually to more meaningful interactions. This will benefit providers and parents, as well as the community we serve. Not only will we have recommendations from one type of organization, you can obtain recommendations from many cross-sections of the field.

4. Bring Diverse Perspectives Together For Creativity And Innovation

OAN wants to gain as much perspective as possible when moving forward with ideas in our work. As ideas develop, we may see new opportunities for innovation based on the perspectives of our stakeholders.  What is it that providers need that they are not getting? What are their challenges or opportunities? How can we begin to align what OAN provides so that it solves their problems even better than before?

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