Child Care Advisory Council

The Ohio Child Care Advisory Council (CCAC) is defined in section 5104.08 of the Ohio
Revised Code (ORC). The purpose of this council is to advise and assist the Ohio Department of
Job and Family Services (ODJFS) on the administration of child care. Additionally, the CCAC
advises the director on matters affecting the licensing of centers, type A home providers, type B
home providers and the certification of in-home aides. The council consists of twenty-two
members appointed by the director of the ODJFS with the approval of the governor.

The CCAC makes an annual report to the director of the ODJFS that addresses the availability,
affordability, accessibility, and quality of child care and that summarizes the recommendations
and plans of action that the council has proposed to the director during the preceding fiscal year.
Appointments are for three-year terms. Members of the council serve without compensation, but
are reimbursed for necessary travel expenses.

The Child Care Advisory Council meets at 4020 E Fifth Ave, Columbus, Ohio. The meeting
schedule is available on the web site listed at the end of this document.
Membership Breakdown

  •  6 members are representatives of child care centers including nonprofit* and for profit
  • 3 members are representative of parents, guardians, or custodians of children receiving
    child care or publicly funded child care in the child’s own home, a center, a type A home,
    a head start program or a type B home at the time of appointment.
  • 3 members are representatives of in-home aides, type A homes, type B homes or head
    start programs.
  • 6 members are representative of county departments of job and family services agencies.
  • 4 members are representative of the teaching, child development, and health professions,
    and other individuals interested in the welfare of children.

At least six members of the council shall not be employees or licensees of a child care center,
head start program, type A home, a type B home provider or in-home aide.

*Must be able to provide documents to prove their non-profit status (i.e., 501(c).If interested in serving on the CCAC, please send your resume and a brief biography to
Tonia Smith at

For more information on the CCAC go to