Professional Development

Early Childhood Education Teacher and Child

Administrators, Lead Teachers, and Assistant Teachers must complete at least 20 hours of approved specialized training each biennium to achieve and maintain the Professional Development Certificate for Step Up To Quality (SUTQ).  The training must be Ohio Approved by the Ohio Professional Registry in order to count. For ODE preschool programs that provide training for staff through their Local Professional Development Committee (LPDC), the Office of Early Learning and School Readiness has established new criteria for this training to be as Ohio Approved credit.

The following is the list of criteria:

  1. Administrators, lead teachers, and assistant teachers with an Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP) can earn credit for training completed at the local level approved by the individual’s LPDC.
  2. Instructor must have a minimum of a BA for training approval.  Training must be related to the age group served by the individual and with a focus on one of the Early Learning Development Standards or Core Knowledge and Competencies.
  3. A Professional Development LPDC Registry Form must be completed and a certificate of completion (which includes the signature of the instructor) uploaded to the staff member’s OPR profile.
  4. Completed forms (Professional Development LPDC Registry Form and a certificate of completion or attendance) must be submitted to OPR.  At the completion of the verification process, approved hours will be reflected in the professional’s Registry Profile.
  5. Child Abuse, Communicable Disease, First Aid, CPR, and general Health & Safety courses or staff meetings or development will not be considered for approval for SUTQ professional development.