The Ohio Department of Education has released a draft document for Ohio’s plan for Education, titled Strategic Plan for Education in Ohio: 2019-2024 (#EachChildOurFuture). This plan outlines the over-arching and comprehensive approach Ohio will take to address some of our state’s largest challenges, from kindergarten through graduation.

However, Afterschool and Summer Learning programs have been omitted from this plan. There is no mention anywhere in the plan of out-of-school-time, the opportunities it provides Ohio’s most at need students, or the ways in which Afterschool and Summer Learning support the work being done by school districts.

Because the department of Education has asked for comments on this draft plan, the OAN Advocacy Committee is asking for organizations to join us by signing your name to a letter to Superintendent DeMaria outlining our suggestions to the Strategic Plan.

Read that letter HERE.

Read OAN’s suggestions for edits to the draft Strategic plan HERE.

Sign on to that letter HERE.