9:00 AM New Members Coffee Kevin Gilmore, Nikki Mills
10:00 AM Welcome! Nichelle Shaskus
10:15 AM OAN Updates:

  • OAN Leadership Updates
  • OAN’s 15th Anniversary
Pam Steurer and Beth Urban
10:25 AM Advocacy Updates:

  • After yesterday’s election, what’s next?
  • Afterschool Programs of Lancaster and ARISS
Kristen Brinkman and Tricia Moore

Michele Ritchlin

10:55 PM Conference Updates:

  • Lights, Camera, Afterschool!
  • NAA 18 Virtual Convention
  • BFF 19 Registration and more
Archer Thomas and April Porter

Nichelle Shaskus                         

11:20 PM Ohio Department of Education updates tentative
11:40 PM Dayton’s Data Collection Project Vel Hux, Learn To Earn Dayton
12:00 PM Lunch! Enjoy 🙂
1: 00 PM Communication Best Practices
1:00 PM ADMINISTRATOR’S LEARNING COMMUNITY Conversation: Project Touch Base Craig Lautenschlager, Kathy McWatters and Nichelle Shaskus
1:00 PM ADVOCACY Conversation: Lights On Afterschool is coming – get ready! Kristen Brinkman & Nichelle Harris