OAN would like to thank members who took the time to complete the survey on the 2018 OAN Statewide Conference for Afterschool and Summer Learning Professionals. We received 87 responses to the survey. Each response provided insight and lead the committee to thought provoking conversation on how this event will be designed. Our intention is to create a conference specifically created for our field, so member input was greatly appreciated.

Here is a summary of our survey results.

  • Respondents primarily serve students Afterschool and Summer (69%).
  • Respondents primarily serve students in elementary and middle (34%).
  • Respondents primarily were seasoned staff, with 64% being administrators.
  • 43% (over ½) of our respondents will need Ohio Approval Credit from this conference.
  • Keynote speaker themes included parent engagement, staff engagement/support and sustainability. Two names specifically mentioned were Gail Gorke and Tei Street.
  • “Various” was the theme for responses from the Vendor Fair question.
  • Mentoring/Leadership, Staff Engagement and Development, Family Engagement and Social-Emotional Competencies for youth and adults all received over 75% YES responses.
  • For the question on a pre-conference networking event, 23% said they would come if it was the night before, 26% said they would come if there was something “amazing” was happening.