Explore, measure, build, program, create, test, question, cheer, dissect, touch, and learn! Outreach Workshops bring COSI’s signature inquiry-based, hands-on learning right to your classroom, afterschool program, older adult community, Scout meeting, or family night! From preschool through high school and beyond, our engaging Workshops complement your curriculum and bring excitement and energy right from COSI to your learners!
Each of COSI’s Outreach Workshops complements Ohio’s New Learning Science Standards, invites 21st Century Skills development, and fulfills the Scientific Inquiry and Application Components of the Ohio College and Career Ready Standards.
Cost: $195.00 per session. The program cost includes:
• A one-hour interactive program for up to 30 learners led by an engaging COSI Educator
• All materials needed
• COSI-style extension activity write-ups to use before and after our visit
• All mileage and travel fees with no minimum session requirement*
NEW! PLUS one COSI admission voucher for each program participant
19 unique content choices in total, 5 of which are brand new in 2017:
NEW! Bring the science of living things to your classroom in this interactive ecological adventure. First, you’ll meet and touch some of COSI’s live animals to explore their adaptations, diets, and habitats. Then, you’ll touch real animal furs, piece together life cycle puzzles, and build a habitat around a living reptile. With a dichotomous key and video microscope, you’ll inspect real arthropods to decide “Is it a bug?” and explore the science of animal tracking by getting up close and personal with animal tracks… and the scat they leave behind!
·         Grade Level:Grades 3-8
NEW! Discover the foundations of astronomy in this out-of-this-world outreach workshop. First, we’ll explore our stellar neighborhood – our solar system – and construct a classroom-sized model of the relative size and distance of the planets. Then, we’ll examine air pressure and explore how your weight and even your age might be different on another planet! Finally, you’ll put teamwork to the test with engineering challenges by building a free-standing moon base from simple materials and designing, building, testing, and redesigning air-powered rockets.
·         Grade Level:Grades 5-8
NEW! The excitement of engineering, force and motion, and mechanics hits the road in this energizing hands-on workshop. We’ll explore energy – at work in the world around us – and how it flows through conductors. You’ll dream it and build it with awe-inspiring Blue Blocks and construct magnetic marble-run roller coasters; program real robots, construct circuits to make music, and even design, build, test, and redesign to create a recycled floating contraption in our five-foot-tall wind tube!
·         Grade Level:Grades 1-6
NEW! In this brand new, totally engrossing workshop, you’ll get hands-on with the surprising science of the human body. We’ll start small – really small­ – by examining the mighty power of microorganisms and building a bloodstream right in your classroom. Then, you’ll sort organ sizes, compare and contrast healthy and broken bones with real human X-rays, measure yourself against record-holding humans, and make your own sticky, slimy snot to see how this gross product has a very important job to do!
·         Grade Level:Grades 1-4
NEW! Transform your classroom into a forensics laboratory and bring the science behind a crime scene to life. In this surprising hands-on program, you’ll dig into real, true crime case files and explore the scientific technologies, processes, and procedures that propel investigators forward: use graphology to analyze handwriting on real ransom notes, explore chromatography to trace ink compounds, test pH using universal indicator and phenolphthalein, and, of course, explore fingerprinting as you collect hard evidence from a crime scene!
·         Grade Level:Grades 5-12
Find full details and reservation request form here: http://cosi.org/educators/cosi-at-your-school/cosi-outreach-workshops

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