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NAA Virtual Convention – Brought to you by OAN!

ABOUT: Experiences, environments and engagement are at the core of positive youth development. Afterschool professionals with competency in these areas run the quality programs that research shows benefit youth. Leaders and their teams should join NAA’s 2018 Virtual Convention featuring experts from the NAA Community (including top rated workshop presenters from the in-person convention) to become inspired, connected, and equipped to provide valuable opportunities for young people.

NAA’s 2018 Virtual Convention delivers expert presentations from the NAA Community (including keynote and workshop presenters from the in-person Convention) in a convenient online format. You’ll gain valuable insight from these knowledgeable, motivational, and fun speakers – ideas that can be implemented by you or your teams immediately!



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REGISTER – Use the promo code on the NAA website to register for the Virtual Convention.

PARTICIPATE – Participate in ALL the Virtual Convention Workshops, the workshop activities and reflections, as well as the discussion boards – 8 hours total.


At the conclusion, complete and submit the evaluation survey that acknowledges you’ve participated in ALL the workshops. Upon submission you will receive an email with a certificate of attendance the NAA VC18 email address sqldba@icohere.com.

Forward that certificate, along with your OPIN to laura@oanohio.org to receive your OA credit!

If you have any questions or need technical assistance with registration or your OA credit, contact laura@anohio.org .