It Is A Sensory Thing

WORKSHOP PRESENTER: Danielle Ratcliff, BA Soc.Sci.Hum.Serv, CTP/T, QBHS


SESSION 3 : 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM


WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: The trauma responsive concept of “meeting on a sensory level” addresses how experiencing trauma is a sensory experience. Afterschool professionals seeking to help a youth heal should understand the interventions that meet that sensory level requirement. Participants will be led through hands-on activities that will provide vehicles to utilize and address the themes of trauma (safety, worry, hurt, fear, anger, revenge) and moving from victim to survivor thinking.


Danielle Ratcliff is the C.O.O. of REACH for Tomorrow a community mental health not-for-profit in Southern Ohio. She has over 25 years experience as a behavioral health specialist in Australia and USA. Her experience includes positions such as behavioral therapist, school social worker, community coordinator, trauma practitioner and trainer. Danielle has a passion to see others healed of their past, and to equip teachers, support staff, the community, families and individuals to be the change agent in their self and others lives. For nearly 3 years Danielle has been a certified trainer with TLC Star Global, educating schools, mental health staff, churches and the community on the effects of childhood trauma, the tools and strategies needed and how to connect with someone who has been traumatized.