I Love Afterschool Campaign (1/28/17 – 2/8/17)
Afterschool program Directors, Tutors and Program Leaders…
We want to tell everyone how much Afterschool is needed in Ohio, and how much we love it… 
And how much we are grateful for it! This week ODE announced that they *WILL* fund 21stCCLC Afterschool programs, so we want to say THANK YOU for listening and for making sure Ohio’s students and school districts are supported! 
OAN is asking all Afterschool programs to create Valentines for the Ohio Department of Education and Ohio Legislators. It can be a simple heart with the words “I Love Afterschool” or something more complicated, like a letter from a student to a stakeholder explaining the impact that Afterschool is having on their life.
Finally, three simple tips for success with this project:
1- KEEP IT KID-FOCUSED – Simple or complicated, craft or self-directed art, one word or a letter… doesn’t matter! As long as it comes from the kids. And don’t forget to have them sign their work!
2 – KEEP IT CLEAN – Steer clear of glitter, goo or anything that is big, bulky or 3-D. We expect hundreds of these and we’ll need to transport them stacked in boxes.
3 – KEEP IT ON TIME – Please submit your completed projects by Wednesday, February 8. You can do this 3 ways:
  1. Bring to the OAN Meeting on February 8th
  2. Mail to OAN at 33 N Third Street, Suite 420 Columbus, OH 43215 (deadline to mail is Friday, Feb 4th!)
  3. Email Nichelle Harris at director@OhioAfterschoolNetwork or call her at 614-312-2834 by Friday, February 4 and she will arrange a pick up for you!
Keep watching OAN’s social media for updates

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