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Save The Date Postcard

Workforce Readiness and Afterschool

After-School Programs Foster STEM Skills

Youth Safety and Afterschool


Safe Spaces – Giving Youth A Space To Thrive – video

Afterschool Programs: Keeping Kids — and Communities — Safe

Impact of a Positive Youth Development Program in Urban After-School Settings on the Prevention of Adolescent Substance Use

Substance Use Among Early Adolescent Girls: Risk and Protective Factors

Afterschool Programs Help Grow Healthy and Successful Kids and Teens

After-School Programs Can Help Teens at Risk of Dropping Out

After-school programs fulfill growing need

Education and Afterschool

Cities’s Data Use in Afterschool: Nashville’s Story – video

Mayor Chris Coleman: To Be An Education Mayor Look Beyond the Classroom – video

STEM Learning in Afterschool: What’s the Impact on Youth? – video

Why are afterschool programs good for school-age children and youth?

Afterschool Program Quality and Student Outcomes: Reflections on Positive Key Findings on Learning and Development From Recent Research

Afterschool Programs May Hold Secret To Success

More Resources

Better Together: Boosting Afterschool by Building City Wide Systems – video

Editorial – Afterschool As A Strategy

6 Benefits of Afterschool Programs

Afterschool Programs Make a Difference: Findings From the Harvard Family Research Project

The Role of Afterschool Settings in Positive Youth Development

Afterschool Programs: Benefits for Youth, Family and Communities

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