ESSA and Afterschool

Afterschool programs are critical pieces in the school-home-community continuum. Supporting the work that happens in the classroom is an important part of what Afterschool does. With the focus shifting from compliance to allowing districts to make more decisions, districts that make the choice to include Afterschool programs in their District and/or School leadership teams or in their improvement plans can benefit from the additional supports these programs can provide.

Working with a team from the Afterschool community, OAN continues to develop communications for Afterschool programs and stakeholders – parents, teachers and community partners. Check back in February for one pagers and for other helpful tips on how to communicate the value of Afterschool.

OAN has created an OAN ESSA One Pager for stakeholder use. This document gives a few data points that you can share with school district leadership, as well as use in communications. The back has a few action steps that you can take.

Recording Available:

Afterschool Webinar: State-Level Strategies for Bridging Schools & Afterschool in ESSA

Thank You to the OAN ESSA Workgroup

The Ohio Afterschool Network would like to thank the workgroup that covenes to discuss the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). The purpose of this workgroup was to share information broadly among the field and to come together as one unified resource representing Afterschool in Ohio to support ODE, school districts and Afterschool providers in whatever capacity is needed.
If you have an interest in participating in this group, please contact Nichelle Harris at .

Ohio’s ESSA Plan

The Ohio Department of Education submitted Ohio’s Board-approved ESSA plan to the U.S. Department of Education on September 15, 2017. The U.S. Department of Education approved the plan on January 16, 2018. You can read the whole 117 page plan HERE.

Ohio’s Strategic Plan for Education builds on its Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) proposal and honors stakeholder feedback by targeting improvement for all students and schools.

How? Through action steps that target five key areas:

  • Early learning and literacy (preparing our youngest children for success in school);
  • Standards, assessments and accountability (measuring what students know and are able to do and evaluating schools);
  • Excellent educators and instructional practices (excellent teachers, teaching and school management);
  • Student supports and school climate and culture (supporting students and offering a comfortable environment that maximizes their learning);
  • High school success and postsecondary connections (clear academic expectations and smooth transitions to higher education and work).

Recently Added Materials

Ohio’s ESSA Plan

OH_ESSA_OnePager – From OAN, a 1 pager highlighting specific opportunities for Afterschool in Ohio’s ESSA Plan

Show Your Support :Draft ESSA letter to ODE

Use this sample letter as a template to send your support for the involvement of Afterschool in Ohio’s ESSA plans. For programs or funders,  consider adding a short paragraph in the letter about the following:

  • Tell your story – or a story of a particular beneficiary
  • Discuss who you serve
  • People, parents, schools and community partners you’ve engaged
  • Results you’ve seen
  • What more coordination or resources might allow you to do
  • Other compelling details that will help ODE understand the value of afterschool and summer learning programs

Afterschool Resources

Afterschool Alliance ESSA Playbook

Background and Opportunities For Action

Spotlight on the 21st CCLC RFP

Engaging ESSA Audiences

Afterschool STEM Hub Letter to Policy Makers

Afterschool Programming is the Key to Educational Success in the Implementation of ESSA

What We Ask For

Change it! Be an Advocate for Afterschool

Opportunities to Advance Afterschool and Informal STEM Education Through The Every Student Succeeds Act

Afterschool Alliance Comments, RE: Implementing Programs under Title IV, Part B of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act

Afterschool Alliance Webinar: ESSA and Afterschool 

Link to complete text of ESSA  (21st CCLC starts on page 233 of PDF)

Afterschool Supports Academic Success (1 pager)

Afterschool and summer learning programs can help close the achievement gap (1 pager)

Afterschool Helps Kids Graduate (1 pager)

Afterschool Helps Keep Kids in School (1 pager)

STEM Toolkit

More Resources

Every Student Succeeds Act Guide For Advocates

ESSA Guide For Advocates Virtual Launch

Partners For Each And Every Child’s ESSA Implication for Equity in Ohio

Ohio State Report Card, 2016

Shaping Ohio’s Plan – ESSA White Paper (Philanthropy Ohio)

Summary Of ESSA

Side By Side Chart Comparing NCLB and ESSA

Which States Are Ready For ESSA?


News Articles

12/6/165 Opportunities for Afterschool in New Department of Education Regluations for ESSA

11/3/16 A new grant program in ESSA is an opportunity for afterschool STEM and more

11/22/16 ESSA offers opportunities for the arts

7/30/16 As No Child Left Behind is tossed out, Ohio plans a new approach to testing and school accountability

2/8/16 Ohio slows its rush to create a plan for ESSA after outcry from teachers, districts

1/19/16 Will ESSA & STEM Make a Happy Marriage?

1/14/16 What Does ESSA Mean For Afterschool and Summer Learning?

12/30/15 After-school Program Funding Remains Separate Under New Major Education Law

12/19/15 Summary of ESSA and 21st CCLC Program

12/10/15 ESSA Maintains Funds for Afterschool, Summer Learning

12/10/15 Passage of ESSA Is Celebration of Collaboration

12/9/15  Senate passes ESEA, 21st CCLC: sends to President for signature

12/2/15 The Every Student Succeeds Act: More Programs and Federal Intervention in Pre-K and K–12 Education

11/30/15 Preserving Afterschool in ESEA Is a “Huge Win For America’s Children and Families,” Afterschool Leader Says


Ohio Department of Education Resources

ODE ESSA Website

12/10/15 Every Student Succeeds (ESSA) Summary

8/22/16  ESSA changes for supporting homeless students in 2016-2017 school year

6/8/16 Every Student Succeeds Act – Ohio’s Answers to Questions

ESSA Survey Results

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