Career Gadget and Start Engineering Have Formed a Partnership


Career Gadget is an exciting and innovative web site aimed at getting young people from kindergarten through high school stimulated and informed about STEM and trade careers.

At Career Gadget you can find hundreds of modern and informative job videos that highlight each of the STEM and trade fields. Along with each video you can find a profile of the job, a description of the education required, and insights by career professionals, median wages, and the future outlook.

The entire site, as well as the videos, is available in English, French, and Spanish. Every month new videos will be added along with many articles about innovations in the STEM fields.

With a subscription to Career Gadget a subscriber will receive any two of our Start Engineering educational publications.

The goal of Start Engineering is to inspire and engage children from elementary school through high school about engineering. Their books and learning resources aim to teach children about the crucial role engineering plays in their lives.

The kids’ book, “Dream, Invent, Create,” uses poetry and whimsical, fun illustrations to help children learn about the crucial role engineering plays in their lives. A Teacher’s Guide offers over 170 pages of engaging activities that can make “Dream, Invent, Create” the centerpiece of any elementary-level or after-school program in engineering. There is now a bilingual edition of the “Dream, Invent, Create” book!

“Start Engineering,” is a career guide book for advanced middle-school and high-school students, introduces exciting career options, with information on innovations and trends in space exploration, energy, robotics, computer science, prosthetics, environmental issues, sports technology, cyber security and more.

Their new coloring and activity book, “What’s Engineering? Color & Discover!” will help young children see the world in a new way — as shaped and built by engineers.

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