Creating Connections that Count – Keynote Session (Ohio Approved)

This presentation is ideal for all of the service learning professionals, who take very seriously, the idea of involving young people in their programs. In an interactive and exciting way, participants will learn practical and proven ways to engage and connect with teens. All coalition builders know the value of having young people involved in impacting a community. We must take the time to learn how to inspire those young people. Quality, accurate, relevant information isn’t enough to inspire students to learn. Adults must first establish a connection with their young people before knowledge can be shared. Not just for beginners, this course is for any adult who works with young people. Participants will learn new ideas and techniques, but they will also remember things they have forgotten. It has been said, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” Making a connection, letting a young person know you care, is the quickest way to get them “ready.”   Once they are “ready”, there is no limit to what they can accomplish.

Learning objectives include: learning how to create an environment conducive to creating connections, the 5 key principles to be more effective with youth, working with youth without suffering burn out, practical techniques to inspire youth, and examining attitudes toward young people.



Ty Sells has been involved in the field of youth development and prevention for over thirty -one years and is currently the Director of Program Development for Youth to Youth International.  Ty has developed and implemented trainings with content including decision -making, healthy relationships, teambuilding, small group facilitation, public speaking and adult/ youth connections.  He is also a highly sought after motivational speaker, who has shared his message of acceptance and inspiration all over the world. Ty has developed a number of trainings, workshops, and presentations for both youth and adults to address the many complex issues that confront today’s young people.

As a recognized leader in the field of prevention and youth development, Ty has been called upon to assist in the development of many youth programs, at some of the largest prevention conferences in the country including CADCA and PRIDE.  He has also consulted with many international groups in developing their own youth programs including Caymans Against Substance Abuse, PRIDE Bermuda, and the U.S. Military in Italy, Japan and Germany. Ty is a Certified Prevention Consultant and received a B.A. in Communication from The Ohio State University.

Ty received the State of Ohio Prevention Innovator Award and the ADAPAO Award for Excellence in Prevention Marketing and has authored a chapter in the book Teen Empower entitled  “Thank You”. He has spoken in all fifty states and abroad.

2018 Speaker and Training Flyer