We are pleased to offer a variety of workshops for OST professionals of all types, working with youth of all ages. The following live virtual workshops will be included during the 2021 conference. More details forthcoming about schedule.

KEYNOTE SESSIONS – one Thursday and one Friday

  • Chic Thompson of WagiLabs – Life is a Brainstorm! (Thursday keynote) – Learn how to create and communicate big ideas in challenging times during this session.
  • James Orrigo Motivational Entertainer & Multimedia Specialist at Lad in a Battle – How to Be Creatively Resourceful (Friday keynote) – Now more than ever, creativity and resourcefulness are vital to student organizations. Whether you work with staff, students, parents or large groups, this entertaining presentation will inspire, empower and perhaps even encourage you to live your life with more purpose and intention. James Orrigo, an advocate for pediatric cancer fighters, has created a multitude of programs that help kids to “dream big.” In the midst of a global pandemic, Orrigo pivoted his programs from the bedside of cancer patients into the virtual world. Creativity and thinking outside of the box have allowed him to continue growing his programs – so much so that his work with Children’s Cancer Research Fund won this year’s 2020 Zoomtopia Overall Innovation Award. Orrigo’s innovative outlook on life has led him to speak to and work alongside hundreds of schools, top leadership organizations and even industry-leading companies. Tune in and see what sticks with you. 

90-MINUTE LIVE SESSIONS – Thursday and Friday (listed alphabetically by presenter)

  • Alicia Trescott, Site Coordinator / Program Manager at Richmond Heights Local Schools – Converting to Virtual: How to Make Your Afterschool Program Virtual – Transitioning after school programming to accommodate the virtual learner is at the forefront of our educational community. Let’s take the time to explore best practices, share points of concern, and gather tips to align after school programming with the virtual learner’s environment and connectivity. We will discuss attendance, programming, schedules, and online platforms for best administering a meaningful, engaging program for virtual learners. This is geared towards middle- and high-school program staff.
  • Allison Wallace, Executive Director of Greater Cleveland Neighborhood Centers Association & Sheila James, Master Trainer at Agape for Youth – STEM Leap into Science Build Science & Literacy Skills – Developed by The Franklin Institute Science Museum in Philadelphia, PA, Leap into Science is a program designed to build interest and skills in science and literacy for children ages 3–10 and their families, in community settings like libraries, museums, and out-of-school time programs. This Leap into Science workshop will show OST staff how to integrate open-ended science activities with children’s books to highlight critical thinking skills that are key in science and literacy, as well as provide opportunities for children and caregivers to think like scientists by making observations and predictions, testing ideas and learning from something that may not have worked as planned. This workshop will require pre-registration / pre-screening and will be limited to 30 total participants at 2 sessions. OHIO APPROVAL PENDING
  • Amanda Erickson, Director of Education & Outreach at Kaleidoscope Youth Center – Cultivating Affirming Space for LGBTQIA+ Youth – Examine statistics related to discrimination and risks that LGBTQIA+ youth face on a day-to-day basis, then discuss best practices for affirming LGBTQIA+ youth and steps that can be taken to improve the overall climate of youth programs through various strategies from simple word choice to organizational policy change. This session is appropriate for middle- and high-school staff.
  • Angie Cameron, Director of Youngstown State University’s Center for Human Services Development – Darlin’ Can’t You Hear Me SOS: Self-Care in an Ever-Changing World – Afterschool staff devote their lives to ensuring at-risk children are safe and successful. If trying to navigate the high needs of children and families while developing relationships with districts and community members is not exhausting enough, let’s throw in a pandemic! This workshop will discuss how the stressful times of today strain the body, why taking the time for self-care is necessary and unselfish, as well as provide some experiences to practice the importance of slowing down. Participants will identify ways to take care of themselves in an otherwise uncontrollable, stressful, ever-changing world. OHIO APPROVED
  • Chic Thompson, WagiLabs – The Question is the Answer! In this workshop, you will learn how your questions can help you see solutions that have been staring you in the face.
  • Dan Farkas, Senior Strategist at Irvin Public Relations – Shoestring Marketing: Solving Communication Problems without Spending a Dime – Strategic communication is a necessity for any non-profit to survive. It also tends to fall on the back burner when a problem pops up or the calendar gets full. It doesn’t have to be this way! Dan Farkas has earned national recognition working with groups that have budgets of $0.00. Shoestring Media will help attendees learn how to use existing resources to help with event creation, media relations, and social media management with little to no budget. Shoestring Media will also review ways to create efficiency so the plan won’t fall behind the next time a diversion arises.
  • Flo Brett, Executive Director of Effective Leadership Academy, and Torey Stroud, Curriculum Director at Effective Leadership Academy – Lights, Camera, SEL – Incorporating SEL into a classroom is difficult enough. How do you do it in a virtual classroom? In this session, we will start by unraveling and making sense of the dense topic of SEL. Then, you will leave with 10 tools to incorporate SEL skills into your virtual classroom. Also, learn what exact ODE SEL standards are covered with these tools. This session targets middle- and high-school program staff.
  • Flo Brett, Executive Director of Effective Leadership Academy, and Torey Stroud, Curriculum Director at Effective Leadership Academy – Wellness Hour – Wellness comes in all shapes and sizes. This session will help you in the moment with a great chair yoga activity, as well as in the future with topics that focus on effective strategies to lower stress, promote healthy work-life balance, and conquer organization.
  • James Orrigo, Motivational Entertainer & Multimedia Specialist at Lad in a Battle – Did you know that you have the tools to powerfully impact your students in the palm of your hand? Tune into Orrigo’s creativity workshop where he will do an in-depth review on how to use your iPhone/iPad to engage your students. Orrigo will guide you through the tools he uses on a daily basis that allow him to connect with patients, families, and students in the virtual world in an entertaining way. He will also be teaching about innovative Zoom techniques that, when used, might catch your students or staff by surprise! Orrigo has been incredibly successful in finding new ways to use free apps and can teach you some tips, tricks, and tools to spark new ideas for reaching your students.
  • James Syphax, Community Prevention Specialist at Prevention Action Alliance – Changing the Game: New Ways to Combat Youth Gambling – The earlier people are introduced to gambling, the more likely they are to become problem gamblers as adults – and too many young people are at risk. Exposure to gambling can happen innocently enough, from things like parents playing fantasy sports or buying lottery tickets. Friendly bets and card games with peers at school can further introduce young people to gambling behaviors. And many of the video games and apps youth play simulate the same excitement experienced by gamblers. If problem gambling isn’t halted early, it can have lifelong consequences. Changing The Game: A New Approach to Combatting Childhood Gambling will showcase the latest evidence-based research on youth gambling and highlight free community resources to help educators, staff, and parents change the game for Ohio children. This workshop is applicable to students of all ages.
  • Jeananne Reich, Director of Indiana CYC Certification at Indiana Youth Services Association – 21st CCLC & CYC Certification – This session will cover the requirements, process, and expectations for CYC Certification. The discussion will include examples of how Indiana 21CCLC grantees have been supported for professional development and program quality through certification. This session is for staff working with students of any age level. OHIO APPROVAL PENDING
  • Katherine Spinney, ICF-Certified Coach & Professional Growth Facilitator at Katherine Spinney Coaching, LLC – How to Become the Supervisor Your Staff Need – The afterschool world is filled with energy, passion, and a whole lot of work. Often in that busyness, we neglect to give our staff the attention and support they need to be successful. This session will highlight some of the major changes you can make to become a more effective supervisor in order to attract and retain high-quality staff. OHIO APPROVAL PENDING
  • Kayla Mack, Education Program Specialist at the Ohio Department of Education – Remote Career Readiness Engagement through the Updated OhioMeansJobs K-12 Platform – This training is designed to highlight the changes and functionality of the OhioMeansJobs K-12 platform. Attendees will learn how to navigate new features and where to uncover underused but valuable features. In addition, attendees will learn about the OhioMeanJobs K-12 reporting tool, how to access it, and how to utilize the data within the tool.
  • Liz Nusken, Entrepreneur Education Consultant at OAN & Kelly Biggar, Afterschool Program Manager at the Young Entrepreneur Institute & Heather Sherman, Director of the Ohio STEM Learning Network – The Power of Partnerships: Enriching Programs and Student Experience Through Community Collaboration – Learn how to identify partners and engage them to provide robust experiences for students, create a real-world context to prepare students for careers and bring mutual benefits to partners and programs. Kelly Biggar from YEI, Liz Nusken from OAN, Heather Sherman from the Ohio STEM Learning Network will share experiences from Entrepreneurship and STEM programs that you can apply to your program or center. This workshop is for programs for all ages. OHIO APPROVAL PENDING
  • Ludia Dorelien, 21st CCLC Grants Manager at the Ohio Department of Education – Leveraging Partnerships for Positive Impact – This workshop is designed to inform attendees of the Ohio Department of Education’s approach to providing support and resources to grantees. Specifically, the Department will share how they’ve leveraged the use of partnerships to meet the various needs of grantees and will provide an overview of available resources to current and future 21st CCLC grantees. Participants will be able to ask specific questions regarding the different professional development opportunities provided through the Department.
  • Mary E.K. Schneider, School Design Coordinator at the PAST Foundation – How to Train Corporate Mentors for Your Afterschool Program – What makes a good mentor? Why does my program need corporate / community mentors? How do I successfully bring in mentors to create an even better program? A mentorship program is a unique opportunity to connect directly with the community and make an impact. Mentorship is more than being a guest speaker and has lasting opportunities for learners. This workshop will focus on how to develop mentors focusing on fostering student’s curiosity and STEM skills, establishing and maintaining the mentor/mentee relationship, and identifying mentor strengths. Participants will be introduced to identifying strategies to engage and mentor students with experienced facilitators, identifying roles and responsibilities of the mentor and mentee, identifying personal strengths and challenges as part of the mentor/mentee relationship, establishing a system of communication and active listening to maintain the mentor relationship, and identifying empathy as an essential element for the mentoring relationship. This session is for all age-levels of students. OHIO APPROVAL PENDING
  • Michele Timmons, President of EnvisionEdPlus & Tricia Moore, Director of Partnerships & Engagement at EnvisionEdPlus – THRIVE: Practical Strategies for De-Stressing Yourself, Your Staff and Your Students – Actively engage with EnvisionEdPlus as you discover evidence-based strategies, activities, and resources to de-stress yourself, your staff, and your students. Thrive resources were curated in partnership with Miami University’s Center for School-Based Mental Health Programs and the Ohio Mental Health Network for School Success. Participants will also receive a virtual swag bag with resources, tools, and training options to keep balance, connectedness, and positive energy flowing all year. #THRIVE OHIO APPROVAL PENDING
  • Omowale Crowder, Leslie Hejduk & Juanda Jones – Social-Emotional Support Specialists at Columbus City Schools – Putting the P.E.P. in Your Step for Afterschool Programs – Join us as we walk you through digital SEL strategies that will enhance your Programs, Environments, and Perspectives in your after school setting. You will be provided examples of best practices on how to use assessment tools, physical spaces and student voice to build a strong sense of belonging and self-awareness to achieve positive outcomes. This session is aimed at middle- and high-school programs.
  • Scott Mann, Director of Education at VentureLab – Model & Teach Entrepreneurial Mindsets & Skills to Youth – Participants will work with VentureLab’s youth entrepreneurship curriculum and reflect on their practice of modeling and teaching entrepreneurial mindsets & skills to youth. VentureLab knows entrepreneurship is more than starting a business; it’s a way of thinking and doing that brings learning to life for all students, especially girls. In a constantly changing future, it is the entrepreneurial mindset and skill set that will allow youth to grow into passionate innovators and courageous change-makers of their communities. Starting young and providing consistent quality learning experiences, youth will learn to identify authentic opportunities, create innovative solutions, take calculated risks, and redefine failure as a learning opportunity. We need the adults in their life equipped with the necessary knowledge and tools to help make this happen! This workshop is great for students of any age. OHIO APPROVAL PENDING
  • Shannon D. Teague, Assistant Director of the Ohio Department of Education – 21st CCLC Data Collection and Statewide Evaluation – This workshop is designed to discuss the importance, requirements, and processes around the 21st Century Community Learning Centers data collection and statewide evaluation. Participants learn the ‘new’ focus around funding based on outcomes, data collection needs, and state-level reporting, and program direction. Participants will be able to ask specific questions about expectations and best practices.
  • Stacy Baugues, Founder & CEO of PowerUp Your School – Aligning Physical Activity with Academics – Movement, Learning, and Fun in this New Normal This session will include more than 20 ways to align physical activities with Math and ELA standards and social-emotional learning concepts. Attendees will gain the knowledge and understanding of how to integrate academic standards with physical activities, exercises, and games. The session is ideal for in-person, hybrid, and virtual learning physical education/physical activity for grades K-8. OHIO APPROVAL PENDING

3-HOUR INTENSIVE SESSIONS (2-90 minute blocks with a break)

  • Tricia Moore, Director of Partnerships & Engagement at EnvisionEdPlus & Liz Nusken, Entrepreneur Education Consultant at OAN & Kelly Biggar, Afterschool Program Manager at the Young Entrepreneur Institute – Engaging HS Youth in Entrepreneurship While Earning HS Industry Credentials & Diploma Seals – Join EnvisionEdPlus, OAN and the Young Entrepreneur Institute in an intensive, active and engaging workshop and discover how your afterschool or summer program can create a high quality entrepreneurship program for HS youth that ALSO helps them earn industry credentials and diploma seals they need to meet Ohio’s new long-term graduation requirements for the Class of 2023 and beyond.