Selecting the right consultant for your project

Occasionally, clients will reach out to us with an ask. Through our platform, they have sourced proposals from several similarly well-qualified consultants, and they are having a hard time deciding between the options. Do we have any guidance for them on selecting the right consultant?

Some quick context on Catalyst:Ed for those of you who are unfamiliar with our work: We are a technology-enabled service that matches schools, school systems and education nonprofits with vetted consultants for short-term, mission-critical needs. This two-part blog post is our effort to crystallize some of the we’ve lessons learned so far into two key strategies for education leaders looking to select consultants. Part 1 (below) focuses on the evaluation scorecard. In Part 2, we will share our interviewing toolkit. Each of these strategies is based on not just our experience helping almost a hundred education organizations match up with expert consultants, but also our individual experiences as education leaders and consultants. READ MORE

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