Frequently Asked Questions About Summer Learning Day…

What is Summer Learning Day, anyhow?

Sponsored by the National Summer Learning Association, National Summer Learning Day is a national advocacy day aimed at elevating the importance of keeping kids learning, safe and healthy every summer, ensuring they return to school in the fall ready to succeed in the year. Your participation sends a powerful message across the nation that summers matter and offers an opportunity to showcase how summers can make a life-changing difference in the lives of young people.

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What is OAN doing for Summer Learning Day?

OAN is committed to supporting you and your organization in inviting Legislators and Decision Makers to come visit your summer learning program so they can see first hand how amazing you, your program and your kids are! More information about planning a visit can be found here.

Our program isn’t really special… should I even think about participating in Summer Learning Day?

Are you kidding me right now? Did you really just say “isn’t really special”? OF COURSE YOU ARE! You provide safe, structured, supervised activities for youth in the summer! You help combat the summer slide! You keep kids fed and active and learning all summer! Your program is VERY special and people need to know it! All you should do is focus on being true to your kids and your program while you raise your voice to advocate for what you do every single day.

In not you, who? If not now. when?

What should I do for a Summer Learning Day event?

Go with your strengths!! You can do just what you regularly do in a day… or plan something to showcase your kids’ talents! Plan on a special guest to participate – they can be a guest reader in your Reader’s Theater… sit in the dunk tank at your carnival… lead your Summer Learning Day parade down main street… It’s up to you! Need more ideas? Check out the ideas for Lights On Afterschool and get inspired for Summer Learning Day.

Why should I register my Summer Learning Day event?

There’s just no understating the value of summer learning. Registering your event adds your voice to the rest of the voices in Ohio saying that. And there’s strength in numbers.

Just how many programs in Ohio are having events like this? You can see other events that have registered (and what they are planning) on the Summer Learning Day website.

Register your summer learning day event here.

I want to do more! What else can I do?

Funny you should say that… There IS more you can do!

President Trump’s budget calls for eliminating funding for local afterschool and summer programs. It’s now up to Congress to counter the cut—or execute it and eliminate programs relied on by families across the nation to keep kids safe and engaged. Nearly two million children and families would be left without reliable afterschool choices.

20 million families want and need more afterschool and summer learning opportunities. For every child in a program, two are waiting to get in. Closing 10,000+ afterschool programs will hurt families and children in every part of the country.

You can make a difference: call on Congress to protect funding for afterschool and summer learning programs. Learn more here.