From the August Capitol Brief, Beth Tsvetkoff

Just under 150 students gathered in July at Mount Vernon Nazarene University in Mount Vernon, Ohio for the 2017 Great Lakes Leaders Training School. The school, which helps to build future YMCA Leaders, brought students from leaders clubs in local Ys from all across Ohio, Michigan, and

The future leaders spent the week learning skills from child care to proper fitness strategies that they can bring home to their local YMCAs. First year students were also introduced to the history of
the YMCA and its mission based programs.

Jorge Perez, CEO of the YMCA of Greater Cincinnati, was the opening speaker. He helped frame the importance of spending this week working to become better servant leaders by using personal childhood stories.The closing speaker was from Nick Clark, the Executive director of the Mount Vernon YMCA. He shared his journey to becoming a YMCA leader and spoke with students about how he wished he had a program like this when he was growing up. Many thanks to Jorge and Nick! The students greatly enjoyed the chance to meet with both of these YMCA leaders and role models.

Preparation is already underway for the 2018 Great Lakes Leaders Training School. If you are
interested in getting involved with Great Lakes Leaders Training School or starting a leaders club
at your local YMCA please reach out to Charlie Myers at 419-632- 1000 or email us at