Join the Social Media Challenge!

School is out, kids are home, we’re all social distancing… but Afterschool Professionals are still hard at work, making sure kids have what they need to be successful and feel safe, even in these uncertain times. So how do we let the world know that we are still here, doing what we do best?

With a Social Media Challenge, of course!

This week we celebrate Afterschool Professionals and everything they do to keep kids safe, help families and inspire kids to learn! Join OAN in this challenge and spread the word that YOU are a PROFESSIONAL!

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It’s Afterschool Professionals Week! 

Afterschool professionals are still making sure kids receive resources they typically get in afterschool programs, like snacks and meals, academic support, and love. Afterschool staff are trained, passionate professionals who make a difference in the lives of Ohio’s kids every day!

And here’s my story: <INSERT YOUR STORY HERE>

Afterschool Professionals, join the challenge! Post a picture or a short video sharing how you have made a difference in a kid’s life. Please keep it aligned with your organization’s privacy policies. FEEL FREE TO BRAG! Then challenge 3 more professionals to do the same. They have 24 hours to respond and share their stories. And don’t forget to tag @OhioAfterschoolNetwork so we can share it, too!

I challenge <INSERT 3 NAMES HERE>. Share your story!


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Afterschool Professionals, post a pic showing how you make a difference! Tag 3 colleagues to do the same. #HEARTOFAFTERSCHOOL #OHIOAFTERSCHOOL