Please be aware of a couple of new tools that were just added to the ESSA page ( this week and two more that are coming:

 There are two new sections of the playbook.  The first is a set of talking points organized section by section of ESSA.  You can find it at  These talking points are intended to help networks and advocates prepare for and participate in listening sessions and other meetings focused on ESSA implementation. We encourage you to consider specific “asks” for your state and focus on a few of the points provided that help support those asks. You also may need to create some talking points of your own based on your state context.

The second is a document specifically focused on 21st CCLC RFPs.  As you know, there are two potential windows to shape how your state implements 21st CCLC under ESSA.  The first is in the how your SEA talks about 21st CCLC in the state plan and the second is in the development of the new RFP.  This document is intended to help you with the RFP development.  You can find it at

Lastly, just flagging that there are two more items in production this week – one is a powerpoint template for those of you who may be doing presentations to stakeholders.  The powerpoint gives some background on ESSA and highlights opportunities for afterschool.  And, there is a new factsheet in the works that shows how afterschool helps reduce absenteeism – should be helpful if your state chooses attendance as a fifth indicator.

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