The Ohio Department of Education has released Ohio’s draft ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) plan. That plan clearly states that there will not be any new 21st CCLC grants issued in FY18. What this will mean is that 20,000 students, 250 school districts and countless employees (both 21st CCLC staff and Community Based Organization employees who work to support this program) will not receive high-quality, academically focused Afterschool ptrograms.


Updated 1/28/17

**STAGE ONE: Alerting stakeholders / Engaging the Superintendent (through 1/27/17 Continuing)

  1. Educate Stakeholders – The OAN 21st CCLC 1 pager clearly outlines the facts of this issue and what Ohio’s students stand to lose. Share this document broadly with your parents, supporters, teachers, superintendents, mayors, legislators… anyone who is concerned with student academic and social-emotional success here in Ohio. Make sure your stakeholders know what’s happening, so when it’s time for them to engage they are ready!
  2. Sign The Letter – OAN has prepared an OAN 21st CCLC Letter to Superintendent DePaolo supporting 21st CCLC program and asking for a reversal of the decision to cancel new awards in 2018. Email OAN Director Nichelle Harris at with your name, your title and your organization to be added to the letter. DEADLINE IS

**STAGE TWO : Letters CALLS from Ohio’s parents and stakeholders (begins 1/30/17)


Sample Scripts and Phone Numbers to Call By County:

I Love Afterschool Campaign (1/28/17 – 2/8/17)

Afterschool program Directors, Tutors and Program Leaders…


We want to tell everyone how much Afterschool is needed in Ohio, and how much we love it!

OAN is asking all Afterschool programs to create Valentines for the Ohio Department of Education and Ohio Legislators. It can be a simple heart with the words “I Love Afterschool” or something more complicated, like a letter from a student to a stakeholder explaining the impact that Afterschool is having on their life.

Finally, three simple tips for success with this project:

1- KEEP IT KID-FOCUSED – Simple or complicated, craft or self-directed art, one word or a letter… doesn’t matter! As long as it comes from the kids. And don’t forget to have them sign their work!

2 – KEEP IT CLEAN – Steer clear of glitter, goo or anything that is big, bulky or 3-D. We expect hundreds of these and we’ll need to transport them stacked in boxes.

3 – KEEP IT ON TIME – Please submit your completed projects by Wednesday, February 8. You can do this 3 ways:

  1. Bring to the OAN Meeting on February 8th
  2. Mail to OAN at 33 N Third Street, Suite 420 Columbus, OH 43215 (deadline to mail is Friday, Feb 4th!)
  3. Email Nichelle Harris at director@OhioAfterschoolNetwork or call her at 614-312-2834 by Friday, February 4 and she will arrange a pick up for you!

Keep watching OAN’s social media for updates

MEDIA RELEASES:–before-school-programs-in-ohio-may-lose-funding-this-summer


1/17/17 – EnvisionEd Plus released this blog post:

ODE: No New 21CCLC Awards This Year

The Ohio Department of Education is preparing to announce that there will be no competition this year for new 21st Century Community Learning Centers in Ohio this year, according to Jeremy Marks, director of Federal Programs/Federal Liaison for the department. Continuation grants will be funded competitively as usual, he said.

The coming announcement follows the cancellation and delay of key program activities including the annual bidders conference and summit. The Department’s website had not yet been updated at the time of this post, but Marks said that was imminent.

Marks explained that the department is in the midst of preparing its Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) plan to submit to the U.S. Department of Education and wants to redesign the 21st Century application to create alignment. He said he expected a competition for new awards next year for implementation in fiscal year 2019, which is the 2018-19 school year.

Money not spent by the state this year would be rolled over to create a larger pot for the next competition, he said. That might result in larger individual awards or simply more awards.

1/17/17 – The Ohio Afterschool Network responds with a 1 pager siting facts and opportunities lost, the Afterschool community responds by contacting legislators and the media

1/18/17 – The Ohio Department of Education asks OAN to provide this statement: 

The Department will continue to fund the 21st Century Community Learning Center federal grant programs that are on existing, multiple-year grants that extend through the 2017-2018 school year. No district loses money by the actions we’re taking. While the existing grants continue, the Department is postponing new grants while we work with stakeholders to align the priorities of the competition to the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). We expect to move in an expedient fashion.
These grants are meant to help schools build sustainable programs that will last beyond the life of the grant itself. In making the grants competitive, we have an opportunity to provide more resources to more schools.
1/191/7 – The Ohio Department of Education released the draft ESSA plan for the state of Ohio. Here is language from that document:

Federal Grant Programs 

21st Century Community Learning Center 
What ESSA requires.

ESSA maintains the 21st Century Community Learning Center grant program and recognizes the program as an important contributor to meeting students’ needs by providing enrichment opportunities during non-school hours for children. This program is targeted at students who attend high-poverty and low-performing schools, and is focused on providing additional support for academic standards. 

What we heard. 
ESSA stakeholder feedback supports the 21st Century Community Learning Center as a valuable resource. Educators describe this program as providing essential opportunities to support student achievement outside the school day. Stakeholders saw the continuation of this grant as a chance to more closely align these programs with school and district improvement plans. 
What we propose. 
The Ohio Department of Education will not hold a new 21st Century Community Learning Century grant competition for FY2018. All continuing grantees will be renewed per their regular schedule. Current grantees who are in their final award years (years 3 and 5) will submit documentation for the grant closeout process in October 2017. While the allocation for FY2018 has yet to be finalized we will fund $23,765,380.49 for FY2018 for 140 grantees. 


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