Core Values

We all agreed. And it wasn’t close – it was unanimous. These are the five core values that guide our work here at OAN… EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

We Believe Youth Are Incredibly Awesome

Young people are our inspiration. We are passionate in our belief that every young person deserves to feel safe, valued, nurtured, supported, encouraged and to know that they can reach their full potential as they define it.

We Are More than Just Box Checkers

We strive for more. We invest in and support what we know are best practices, not the status quo. We aim for the top floor, not the lobby. We think outside, around, and through the box.  

We Hold the Megaphone and Pom Poms

We use our collective voice to SPEAK UP and to SPEAK OUT.  We share the good news. We cheer success: our success, our partners’ success, the success of the field and the success of our youth.

We Throw In Together

We are the Justice League of Afterschool. We fight alongside others.  We believe in the value of collaboration, and are committed to sharing expertise and experiences.  We succeed together.

We Are Fearless Leaders

We face challenges head-on.  We are innovators, investigators, pathfinders, and guides.  We are the real deal. We believe the most important thing we can do as leaders is create more, even stronger leaders. We are vulnerable, unguarded, transparent, and we are courageous.


Sound like things you believe in, too? Then you’re our kind of person! Come to a meeting, join as a member, or volunteer on a committee. 

Organizational Goals

  • Foster partnerships at the local, state, and national level to support Afterschool professionals and programs including expanding capacity and reach of the network and developing and communicating a strong policy agenda;
  • Advocate for State funding for Afterschool programs and develop public support and other resources to advance and sustain Afterschool funding;
  • Ensure quality by providing supports to Afterschool programs that are necessary to meet and exceed quality standards and develop data resources for members and policy-makers.


Ohio Afterschool Network is funded through the generous support of the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation.


Ohio Afterschool Network works closely with a variety of partners to build support for Afterschool programs and professionals.

OAN partners with the National Afterschool Association (NAA) and is the state’s NAA affiliate organization.

Key statewide partners include the Ohio Municipal League, the Ohio STEM Learning Network (OSLN), Youth Entrepreneurs Institute (YEI), the Ohio Department of Education, the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, Ohio Alliance of YMCAs, the Cleveland Foundation, the Ohio Department of Youth Services, the Ohio Juvenile Justice Coalition, the Ohio Association of Boys and Girls Clubs, 4H, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, and more than 900 professionals, advocates, and public officials.


Ohio Afterschool Network is a non-profit membership organization. Our Code of Regulations can be found HERE. OAN is governed by the Executive Committee and the Strategic Leadership Team.

OAN is currently governed by the SLT. The SLT provides leadership, strategic direction, meaningful linkages and focus to allow OAN to make sustained and high-impact contributions to OAN’s mission. Each member of the SLT will serve a 2-3 year term. The SLT is comprised of 7 committees:

  1. Advocacy Committee – strives to increase the profile of Afterschool in our state through education, communication and relationship building. Also creates and advances OAN’s policy agenda.
  1. Executive Committee (ELT) – four members of the ELT provide direct oversight, guidance and support for the OAN Director and are responsible for setting the strategic goals and scope fo the Network
  1. Membership Committee – Identifies potential member benefits, welcomes new members and works to create a good relationships between OAN and the public.
  1. Partnerships and Funding Committee – Identifies potential relationships with organizations and funders and strives to create sustainability for the Network.
  1. Quality Programs Committee – advances OAN’s vision that quality in Out-of-School time programs are defined as programs that have intentional and strong program design, competent staff, effective partnerships, program evaluation and improvement plans.
  1. Regional Hubs – serves as the regional coordinator between OAN and regional organizations and individuals to communicate OAN’s initiatives and to articulate the needs of the field.
  2. STEM Committee – committed to advancing the STEM identities of Afterschool providers and the youth that they serve through professional development, resources and funding.

The responsibilities of members of the SLT include:

  • Overall leadership, strategic planning, and oversight of operations and committees, governance decisions, budget monitoring, and securing adequate funding to meet OAN goals.
  • Approve policy direction and plans of standing and ad hoc committees.
  • OAN and SLT member recruitment, ensuring that the perspectives of major Afterschool stakeholders and policymakers are represented in membership and on the SLT.
  • Develop or approve strategic communications and marketing strategies
  • Identify, with input from members and other coalitions, topics and content for OAN SLT meeting agendas, OAN membership meetings and/or new policy items of note.
  • Based on committee, as-hoc or other progress, new information or learning the SLT may redirect or modify activity and may change the priorities at any time within funding guidelines / stipulations.
  • Establish and monitor the formal understanding of the relationship and responsibilities with OAN’s fiscal sponsor.
  • Establish organizational evaluation/review criteria and conduct annual evaluation.

OAN Members are encouraged to join governance committees. Contact OAN for more information.