9 Great Answers to “What Is STEM and How Can I Use It?”


STEM education, the one ring to rule all of K-12 teaching and learning, is seen as key to workforce and competitiveness challenges, important cognitive capabilities, and even citizenship in this still-new century.

As much as we believe in the efficacy of STEM education as a concept, figuring out exactly how to make it serve the needs of individual STEM-interested students can be hard.

For students to make good decisions about future courses of study and work, they need:

·                   specific information applicable to their unique abilities and preferences.

·                   help from teachers and parents to sift among the dozens of STEM majors and hundreds of STEM careers available.

·                   timely guidance at critical decision-making junctures when their choices start to define the options open to them in college and the workplace.

We are very excited to announce the launch of a project that seeks to meet all these needs. It’s a different kind of product, available in a different kind of way, for different kinds of uses than our current line of books and materials on engineering.


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