1) Update Your Training or Organization’s Profile on the OPDN

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  • Make sure you (the instructor) have a valid registry profile on occrra.org



  • Training Organization Application –
  • Training Organization User Application Guide – https://cdn.occrra.org/documents/Application%20for%20Training%20Organization.pdf

2) Write The Training

3) Submit the Training

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How to start Ohio Approval Application:
1. Log on to registry profile, click “Training Organization Dashboard” from drop down menu on profile.
2. On left, click “Manage Training”
3. On left, click “Create Event”
4. Click blue box labeled “New Training +”
5. Enter Training Title, Training Format of Ohio Approved, Related Conference, and Primary Author. Click Save and continue as prompted. If instructor has completed the above checklist, it should be easy to complete.

Please refer to Application for Ohio Approved Designation User Guide for additional information. https://cdn.occrra.org/documents/Ohio%20Approved%20Application%20User%20Guide.pdf