Idea Versus Opportunity – Helping Kids Turn Their Ideas into a Business


ORGANIZATIONYoung Entrepreneur Institute (YEI)

AUDIENCE:  New Staff (less than 2 years), Seasoned Staff (more than 2 years), Volunteers and Support Staff

TARGET AGE GROUPS: Middle School, High School

OHIO APPROVAL STATUS: N/A due to target age groups

SESSION 2 : 1:45 PM – 3:15 PM


WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: A great opportunity solves a problem in a way that is different and better than other available solutions, whether it is a business or societal problem. This workshop will help adults learn to coach kids through the process of understanding the difference between a great idea and a great opportunity. Attendees will walk away with a proven lesson plan for 5 – 12th graders that includes both real-life examples that students can easily identify with and everything Afterschool Professionals need to immediately incorporate the lessons into their program.


Greg’s 30 year career as a serial entrepreneur started in college. In 2000, he sold his last
business to a public company. In 2005, Greg founded the Young Entrepreneur Institute,
which focuses on K-12 entrepreneurship education. Greg has won numerous awards
including the Teacher of the Year by the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship;
Outstanding Entrepreneurship Educator by the Consortium for Entrepreneurship
Education; National Federation of Small Business Entrepreneur Educator of the Year;
and the Leavey Award for Excellence in Private Enterprise Education. Greg holds a
Bachelor Degree from MIT and a Masters Degree in Education from Ursuline College.