Dr. Johnny Lake

“I am often referred to as a paradigm shifter. While this is true, I view myself more as a story sharer because, once we share a story, we’ll never be strangers again.” – Dr. Johnny Lake

ABOUT DR. JOHNNY LAKE… Dr. Johnny Lake is an international consultant, trainer and speaker certified in programs respecting leadership, diversity, community-building, cross-cultural communication and interactions skills, equity and ethics for youth and adults. He consults with government, professional and educational agencies and organizations. Dr. Lake is an Assistant Professor of Education. He is an Administrator on Special Assignment with the Eugene 4J school district and an advocate for needs of at-risk youth and provides teacher training institutes and student learning and leadership opportunities. Dr. Lake is an internationally recognized writer and storyteller. Dr. Johnny Lake holds a bachelor’s degree in history from Willamette University. He has a Masters in educational leadership and administration and received his Ph.D. in educational leadership, policy, management and organization. Dr. Lake is a former chairman of the State of Oregon Commission on Black Affairs.

Dr. Lake’s scholarship has focused on teaching and learning around issues of leadership, diversity, race and culture, personal and organizational growth, cultural competency, and communication. Dr. Lake assists individuals, schools and traditional institutions to gain critical knowledge and skills, as well as developing effective methods and strategies to bring about growth and progress, and to build and support productive relationships.

 Join us in a keynote learning opportunity designed to develop and support afterschool professionals. 

· Engage in a fundamental process to improve our knowledge and skills to help us all to better recognize, understand, and address important cultural and racial dynamics to enhance success in afterschool programs for all children and families. 

· Gain an expansion of perspectives and increase in key knowledge and practical skills to improve communication and interactions related to diversity, equity and inclusion related to cultural and racial issues. 

· Explore how service providers can better understand and address specific needs of those we serve, improve knowledge and skills related to diverse children and families.  

Dr. Lake will also present a workshop titled, ” Supporting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for All Children and Families in Afterschool Programming.”

To learn more about Dr. Johnny Lake, visit his website.